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Dr. Mandana Many, D.D.S.

Dr. Many has been transforming patients’ smiles for 15 years through a combination of her restoration expertise with her love and knowledge of cosmetic dentistry. She graduated from the University of Toronto and the University of Shahid Beheshti. She invested in extensive training that includes Oral Surgery for General Practitioner, Periodontal Surgery Workshop in the US, Implant and Root Canal Treatment courses. She ensures that every patient receives services with the most innovative treatment techniques.

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Why Choose Dana Dental 

Painless Injection System

Our practice uses a painless injection system to ensure your dental experience is absolutely pain-free. We invest in technology that allows you to receive local anesthesia without using syringe so that your stay in our office is more pleasant.

Warranty on Dental Fillings

We ensure that you feel confident about our dental services as we care for your teeth. Our dental fillings are under 2-year warranty, so if anything happens, we will take care of them at no additional cost.

Laser Gum Treatment

We offer laser gum treatment so you won’t have to feel anxious when you go through the procedure. It’s suture-free and it allows you to recover faster. Our aim is to provide a comfortable dental care so you can maintain great oral health.

Our Professional Team

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Dr. Mandana Many, D.D.S.

Doctor of Dental Surgery


Dr. Mandana Many received her degree of Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Toronto. Besides that, she also graduated with honours for the degree of Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Shahid Beheshti in Iran. For a time, Dr. Many was the first and only dentist in Minden, Ontario for 3 years and the primary dentist in Hamner Sudbery for 3 years. She has had her practice since 2012 in Ontario.

Dr. Many’s extensive educational and professional background, combined with her enthusiasm for learning new techniques, gives her the ability to recognize the variety of different needs of each of her patients. She ensures that she approaches each patient’s case differently, depending on their age and needs.

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