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General Dentistry

Broken Tooth

Falling or biting down on something hard can lead to a cracked, chipped, fractured, or broken tooth.

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Are your teeth in tip-top shape? Or have you noticed any tiny holes or dark spots on your teeth’s surfaces?

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Teeth Cleaning/Scaling

Although you brush, floss daily and gargle with an oral antiseptic to ensure your teeth are clean.

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Caps and Crowns

We at Dana Dental value your picture-perfect smile and want to help you keep it like this. Yet, sometimes,…

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Dental Sealants

We all indulge in eating sweet foods or sugary drinks, which affects our teeth and leads to the …

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Extractions/Wisdom Teeth Removal

Our dentists at Dana Dental always explore the right, personalized…

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If you have worn out or damaged teeth, our dentists may recommend using dental fillings to restore…

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Gum Disease

Have you seen a bit of blood when brushing your teeth? That bleeding may be the initial warning signs …

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Laughing Gas Sedation

While most dental visits are pleasant, not every visit will be smooth. In these cases, our dentist may use…

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Periodontal Therapy

Gum disease is prevalent and an alarming oral health issue. It affects the soft tissues and gums that surround…

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Root Canal Therapy

Our dentist may recommend root canal therapy to save severely damaged or infected teeth that …

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Sedation Dentistry

Is dental anxiety preventing you from going to the dentist? Well, you are among millions of Americans…

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Teeth Grinding

Some patients grind their teeth when they feel stressed or even asleep. While teeth grinding, also known…

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Tooth Desensitization

Sensitive teeth are extremely painful and irritating. Luckily, our tooth desensitization treatment will provide …

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