Broken Tooth

Falling or biting down on something hard can lead to a cracked, chipped, fractured, or broken tooth. If it happens to you, contact your dentist immediately so we can save your tooth. At Dana Dental, we restore the appearance of your teeth and help you manage the discomfort. 

Three ways to repair a broken tooth

1. Dental bonding

Tooth bonding is one of the procedures our dentists use to repair a broken tooth. It involves applying tooth-coloured composite material, sculpting it into shape, hardening, and polishing to repair the damage. Our dentists complete dental bonding procedures at the Dana Dental office in one visit to restore your picture-perfect smile. 

2. Root canal treatment

Sometimes, the infection reaches the pulp, which means your dentist may perform a root canal procedure to repair and save your broken tooth.  The tooth pulp refers to the cavity within the center of the tooth, which consists of nerves and blood vessels. When your tooth’s nerve tissue or pulp is damaged or infected, your tooth becomes sensitive to hot or cold temperatures, and even sweet food. Our dentists will remove, clean, disinfect, and seal the root canals. After, they will fill the tooth opening or access hole with temporary dental fillings while we fabricate the permanent crown. On your next dental visit, our dentist will place the final dental crown to restore your teeth to full functionality and appearance while also preventing further infection. 

3. Tooth filling

Our dentist will clean the affected area and apply dental filings if only a small part of your tooth breaks or chips. Also, tooth or cavity fillings are used to restore damaged teeth, due to decay, to their normal shape and function.

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