Dental Sealants

We all indulge in eating sweet foods or sugary drinks, which affects our teeth and leads to the development of plaque and cavities. At Dana Dental, we offer dental sealants for kids, teens, and even adults who wish to protect their teeth and can’t get enough of sugary treats. 

Tooth sealants are a plastic film that we use to coat your teeth’s chewing surfaces. Doing this prevents bacteria from penetrating the hard surface of teeth to cause decay. This way, you are safe from unwanted toothache and dental caries.

At Dana Dental, we strongly recommend applying dental sealants to your molars after your routine checkup and cleaning. Sealants help to reduce the chances of future oral problems. However, even if you are using sealants, it’s still essential that you practice good oral care. 

Let caring and protecting your teeth be our priority, as you enjoy the sweet things in life. Call us today to book an appointment for dental sealants application.


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